All propositions as well as claims will be followed up by your sales representative and analyzed by our technical team.

In order to send us any claim or proposal please use our Claim/Proposal Form located at “Downloads” section.



Our products can be viewed via CD-catalogues, electronic online catalogue, downloadable pdf / excel catalogues, or printed versions.

Our catalogue numbers (for parts other than steering and suspension) can be different from the part numbers in your proformas or orders, since almost each part is available as:

  • original/genuine (marked with "O"), or
  • standard/aftermarket (marked "S" or without any type index).
    (the special "A"-marked - is the brand specially agreed with the customer.)

For example:

  • 1556118 = formpart catalogue number for Transit shaft bearing (use this number to search in web-catalogue)
  • 1556118/S - reference for ordering standard (aftermarket) product,
  • 1556118/O - reference for ordering genuine (original) product,
  • 1556118/A - for ordering “A”-part (with FAG bearing, in the given example)

Therefore to search the parts on the web, please search for part without type indication: “1556118” and not “1556118/S”. But while ordering please specify the type requested (O or S). If no type is specified in the order/inquiry, you will be offered aftermarket product first.



You can place an order or send inquiry using our online catalogues.

In order to use basket to create online inquiry you need password, which you can obtain after registration in the catalogue section. You will see your Level 1 password immediately.

You can also request advanced level password (Level 2 password) which will allow you to view our stock info and price. To receive your Level 2 password, please advise your login name to our sales departmentwhich will upgrade your password to view the stock availability and your price-list.

While using our online basket for inquiries or orders, you can add the part to basket only when viewing the details of the part by clicking the part number with type indication.

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